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Bangladesh is distinctly a different country among its peers from a macro point of view. Now the economy of Bangladesh stands on the stage of take off. Rapid growth and development in every sector of its economy is able to draw the global attention. Power, Real Estate & Agriculture is the most experiencing significant sectors now in Bangladesh. These lucrative sectors are not only the matter of domestic economy but also the international attention. In the era of this globalization, we at ARMA GROUP of companies are determined to play a significant role in the development of the real estate, agriculture and power sectors in the twenty-first century.

We ARMA GROUP of companies are working towards building a strong foundation and trying to establish a professional identity of our own. Today, in the field of Real Estate, Agriculture and Power, ARMA GROUP is a very much promising organization and we believe that ‘Professionalism’ is the key word for success, and committed to maintain a very high standard in quality control and workmanship so that we can surpass the international boundaries. Our philosophy is “Give the customer value for his money”.

With this end in view, we are constantly working towards upgrading and improving every aspect of our group activities. Our human resource is well trained and motivated; our financial fundamentals are strong. Our vision is to constantly set challenging goals for ourselves. And our mission is to fulfill the demand of the customers. We will continue to expand and diversify and be an example of a progressive company playing a dynamic role in the economic development of Bangladesh.